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The delivery process

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The delivery process from our couriers

Courier services have come a long way in recent years, thanks to faster travel and relocation options. If you’re looking for a quick and reliable courier service, it’s important to choose a company that can deliver your packages on time and to your desired destination. We’ve found that sky parcels and my courier are the best options for our shipping needs

Shipment Weight and Pricing

Courier companies are particular about packaging, and they will choose the right type of packaging based on the shipment’s size, weight, and nature. For example, a carton, suitcase, or piece of heavy equipment will require different packaging. It’s important to know the weight and dimensions (L x W x H in cm) of the item so that the right courier company is selected and an estimated shipping cost can be worked out. Our staff weigh the products beforehand and determine the costs.


When you have decided on the right courier service company, you have to place an order. You can use an online booking site or you can do it directly. When ordering, you will have to select a particular date and time for picking up your package. Make sure to provide the most accurate address to the courier company so that the driver arrives on time at your location. Add additional information about your location if needed.


As a company, we are responsible for making sure your items are packed properly and protected from damage. This includes more delicate items which require extra care to avoid breakage during transit, we ensure that the package is securely sealed with your delivery address and contact details included. We also take care of packaging according to the client’s specifications. Our warehouse staff partake in quality control to ensure that every product is properly packaged and nothing is damaged.

Sorting the package

The packages are sorted by destination and then added to a queue of packages going to similar locations. The packages are then sent to their depots for delivery.

Expecting the Pickup

The courier service company will notify you of the estimated arrival time of the driver.

Tracking the Item

Courier services offer a tracking system or package tracker to help you track your package at all times during transit. This is done to help you track your package at all times during transit. Even when shipping internationally, they still provide you with tracking. With this, you can have peace of mind when using their services

Delivering the package

Packages are delivered to depots, and from there, they are delivered to the required destination by dispatch riders. Once the packages have been delivered to their destination, the delivery is considered completed.


Courier services are an essential part of logistics and shipping. They help to ensure that goods are delivered quickly and efficiently, from start to finish. With package tracking, you can always rest assured that your shipment is on its way. Shop online today or download our app.

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