About Us

Mazerata is a premium brand that brings together all the aspects of a modern-day gentleman. It is style and sophistication. It is honour and ambition. It is character and class.

Specialising in men’s formal footwear, the carefully selected Mazerata designers travel the world over to find the latest international trends and bring them to our shores. With the meticulousness of a master craftsman, they ensure the finest materials are used to make our handcrafted shoes and keep a keen eye on the production process from beginning to end.

It goes without saying then that, at Mazerata, we are dedicated to bringing you footwear of the highest standards in design, style and quality at a price that’s affordable. And it’s our honour to do so.

For that debonair look, whether you’re closing a business deal or celebrating a momentous moment, Mazerata has the perfect fit for all occasions. Mazerata is a proud part of the Dangee Carken family.